About Yazd Rezaei Termeh

Termeh is a unique fabric known as Yazd historical heritage. High value of Termeh is indebted to artist designer who draws Persian motifs with great care during the months on the paper and then stained.

Master Mohammad G. Rezaei founder of Rezaei Termeh in 1938 combined his art in designing paisley and motifs with technical knowledge of weaving and revived Termeh in Yazd. Art was instilled in his family and his son, Master Mohammad H. Gholam Rezaei received the Award of Excellence in Arts and Handicrafts in 1976. Iran Intellectual Property Office protects the patterns of Rezaei Termeh, thus Rezaei keeps the intellectual property right of his arts.


Contact Info.

Address: Bazaar branch: Tehran, Grand Bazaar, Sabzeh Meydan, the beginning of the Kafashha Bazaar Phone: (+98) 21 55588636 Tajrish branch: Tehran, Tajrish, the beginning of the traditional bazaar from Quds Square Phone: (+98) 21 22750234

Phone: (+98) 912 4767998

Website: https://www.tryco.ir

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rezaeitermeh