Historic Places of Urmia

Ansari House

Ansari House is among old houses of Urmia that belongs to late Qajar Period according to the shape of building and cornices available in the tileworks of the house.
See Ansari House

Bazaar of Urmia

Bazaar of Urmia is among historic places in this city that is located in the old tissue of Urmia.
See Bazaar of Urmia

Dam Dam Castle

Dam Dam Castle was a major battlefield between Kurds and Safavid troops in early 17th century.
See Dam Dam Castle

Kazem Khan Castle

Kazem Khan or Kazem Dashi Castle is located on Kazem Dashi Region in Goorchin Ghal'eh Village 70 kilometers from Urmia.
See Kazem Khan Castle

Police Mansion of Urmia

Police Mansion of Urmia or Pavilion Mansion is an old building in Urmia.
See Police Mansion of Urmia

Se Gonbad Tower

Se Gonbad Tower is a tomb in the southeast of Urmia.
See Se Gonbad Tower

Sherkat-e Naft Caravanserai

Sherkat-e Naft Caravanserai is located near Vali-Asr Intersection in Urmia.
See Sherkat-e Naft Caravanserai


West Azerbaijan Province

West Azerbaijan Province

West Azerbaijan Province is in the northwest of the country. The climate of the province is largely influenced by the rainy winds of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean.
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