Natural Parks of Ilam

Cham Av Waterfall

Cham Av Waterfall, located 18 kilometers from Ilam to Saleh Abad, flows among the rocks.
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Gachan Waterfall

Gachan Waterfall is located 15 kilometers from Ilam.
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Mount Ghalaghiran

Mount Ghalaghiran that is located 3 kilometers from Ilam is considered as the symbol of Ilam in oral literature.
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Razianeh Gorge

Razianeh Gorge is located 50 kilometers from Ilam to Darreh Shahr.
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Sartaf Waterfall

Sartaf Waterfall is in Ilam County and it is considered as one of the public parks of Ilam.
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Ilam Province

Ilam Province

Ilam province is in the west of the country, bordering Iraq. Ilam province is among the warmest regions of Iran, although the mountainous areas of north and north eastern Ilam are relatively cold.
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