About Sistan and Baluchestan Province

Sistan and Baluchestan province is in the southeast of the country, bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan and its capital is Zahedan. The counties of the province are Chabahar, Qasar-qand, Dalgan, Hirmand, Iranshahr, Khash, Konarak, Nikshahr, Saravan, Sarbaz, Soran, Zabol, Zaboli, Zahedan and Zehak. The province comprises two sections, Sistan in the north and Baluchestan in the south.

The combined Sistan and Baluchestan province today accounts for one of the driest regions of Iran with a slight increase in rainfall from east to west, and an obvious rise in humidity in the coastal regions. The province is subject to seasonal winds from different directions, the most important of which are the 120-day wind of Sistan known as Levar, the Qousse wind, the seventh (Gav-kosh) wind, the Nambi or south wind, the Hooshak wind, the humid and seasonal winds of the Indian Ocean, the North or (Gurich) wind and the western (Gard) wind.

Capital of Province



Zahedan is a city in and the capital of Sistan and Baluchestan Province. Zahedan is located near Pakistan and Afghanistan, south of the tripoint of the borders of the three countries.
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