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It is interesting to know that the patterns and designs used in the handicrafts of North Khorasan Province, have their origins in the beliefs and convictions of the artists of this region of our country. The artists of North Khorasan create handicrafts with various patterns and colors inspired by nature. Some of the handicrafts of this region have been registered as world heritage.

Kilim is a type of rug with a simple weave and knot without any pile, which is woven with wool and cotton, and in some cases with wool and goat hair. It is one of the oldest human floor coverings. The oldest piece of kilim in the world is the remains of a kilim that was obtained in Anatolia and belongs to six thousand years before Christ. The oldest Iranian kilim belongs to three thousand years before Christ and is located in the western region of Iran. Kilims are rooted in beliefs and convictions.

Kurdish tablecloth
With the migration of Kurdish tribes during the Safavid era to the vast land of Khorasan, many of their customs and traditions were transferred to this region. The most common art of Kurdish tribes is the weaving of a type of rug called "Kurdish tablecloth”, which reflects the weaver's life story. This art is unique to Khorasan, and Kurdish tablecloth is a type of rug with a twisted weave. Geometric, animal, and plant patterns in these weavings have been mentally passed down from mothers and grandmothers to future generations. The finger marks on these rugs are a symbol of gratitude and love for life with family. In the past, due to its high impermeability to dust and moisture, these weavings were considered a suitable tool for storing bread among nomads. Therefore, it is known as Kurdish tablecloth.

Alast village, it is located in the northern part of Khorasan and is 5 kilometers away from Safiabad city. The handicrafts of this village have a unique and renowned. We are proud to offer high-quality products to the global market by integrating the authentic patterns of this region with modern ideas, and to support the hardworking women of this region in the industrial cycle.

Naghsh-e Alast Shop
Since 2016, we have been producing and offering various types of Kilim and Kurdish tablecloth. Our heartfelt belief is to create a sales network based on authenticity, quality, and convenience at the most reasonable price. In this shop, you can choose the most suitable option from countless beautiful and attractive Kilim and Kurdish tablecloth. We are proud to inform you that in Naghsh-e-Alast Shop, you will benefit from a lifetime warranty on our products without paying any additional fees.

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