About Tomb of Shah Ne'matollah Vali

Tomb of Shah Ne'matollah Vali belongs to Safavid Era and it is located in Mahan, Kerman. Tomb of Shah Ne'matollah Vali has been one building with a high dome on a square structure in the middle of a garden and in later eras, other structures were added to the initial building. The initial building has had tilework on its façade and currently part of this muarragh tilework could be seen with arabesque patterns and golden, azure, turquoise and white colors. Tomb of Shah Ne'matollah Vali includes sections like domehouse, two tall minarets, Shah Abbasi Portico and Dar ul-Hifaz, Mohammad Shahi Propylaeum, Mir Damad Courtyard, Vakil ul-Mulki Courtyard, Hosseyniyeh Courtyard, Atabaki Courtyard and Biglar Beygi Courtyard.

Decorative elements of this complex include tilework, plasterwork, Karbandi, stalactite work and painting. This complex has been constructed within recent 6 centuries and it beautifully represents the continuation of the art of Iranian architecture during these centuries. Under the entrance corridor of this tomb, there is Shah Ne'matollah Vali Museum and there is a library on the north side. Several kashkuls adorned with calligraphy and patterns, several battle-axes, inlaid swords, various shields made of steel and hippo skin, rare manuscripts, lithographs, and printed books, several patehs, termeh and shawl as well as porcelain and crystal are among precious objects being kept at Shah Ne'matollah Vali Museum. Tomb of Shah Ne'matollah Vali has been registered as a national monument of Iran.



Mahan is a city in Kerman Province, Iran.
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