About Old Bazaars of Yazd

Old Bazaars of Yazd are of historic importance in terms of their architecture. Building a street has divided these bazaars into north and south sections and today the north section is more prosperous. Some of these bazaars are as follows:

  • Bazaar-e Gheysariyeh: A place for selling Yazdi textiles
  • Bazaar-e Haji Ghanbar: The oldest part of the bazaar belonging to ninth century AH
  • Bazaar-e Tabriziyan
  • Bazaar-e Darvazeh Mehriz
  • Bazaar-e Mesgari
  • Bazaar-e Alaghbandi
  • Bazaar-e Mohammad Ali Khan
  • Bazaar-e Sadri
  • Bazaar-e Afshar
  • Bazaar-e Khan
  • Bazaar-e Panjeh Ali
  • Bazaar-e Kashigari
  • Bazaar-e Chitsazi
  • Bazaar-e Masjed Molla Esma'il
  • Bazaar-e Ja'far Khan
  • Bazaar-e Nokhod Berizi





Yazd is the capital of Yazd Province. Because of generations of adaptations to its desert surroundings, Yazd is an architecturally unique city.
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