About National Park of Lake Urmia

National Park of Lake Urmia is located between East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan Provinces. This national park is among nine biosphere reserves of Iran. It is worth noting that Lake Urmia totally encompasses 102 small and big islands with an area of 33486 hectares. Vegetation and wildlife of National Park of Lake Urmia entails the following:

  • Vegetation: Juniperus excelsa,  pistacia atlantica , celtis australis, hawthorn, wild almond, cotoneaster, white beam, millet, euphorbia, thymus vulgaris, sagebrush, salsola rigida, ziziphora, avena sativa, tragopogon dubius, and corn poppy.
  • Mammals: Armenian ram and ewe and Persian fallow deer
  • Birds: flamingo, pelican, larus, common shelduck
  • Reptiles: Assorted poisonous and non-poisonous snakes, lizard, and chameleon





Urmia is a city in and the capital of West Azerbaijan Province. Urmia's climate is cold semi-arid with cold winters, mild springs, hot dry summers and warm autumns.
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