About Ancient City of Rishehr

Ancient City of Rishehr is located in the south of Bushehr. The name of this ancient city is the abbreviated form of Rivard Ardeshir. From the Elamite brick writings it is realized that this city has been called Liyan at that time. Ardeshir Babakan established many cities in his government one of which is Rivard Ardeshir and it could be said that it has been a reconstruction of Liyan City. In Sasanid Era, Rishehr was one of the major scientific and literary centers with a society of scientists and writers. After Islam, Rishehr prospered for several centuries. It has been written that at the time of Nader Shah, the population of Rishehr moved to Bushehr and therefore, it became an abandoned city. The works discovered in Ancient City of Rishehr, including buildings, cuneiform inscription, bronze objects and designed ceramics, show that this city has been one of the major cities of the Elamite civilization from the second millennium B.C. The antiquity of the works found in Ancient City of Rishehr dates back to the third and first millenniums B.C. Ancient City of Rishehr has been registered as a national monument of Iran.



Bushehr is the capital city of Bushehr Province. Bushehr lies in a vast plain running along the coastal region on the Persian Gulf coast of southwestern Iran.
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