About Historical City of Rayen

Historical City of Rayen is located 100 kilometers to the southeast of Kerman, in the skirts of Hazar Mount. In the past, this city was called Rayin. Rayin was one of the great and brave commanders of Ardeshir II, the Sasanid king. Rayen has had good conditions due to being located on the way of west to east highway in Sasanid Era. The main historic monument in Rayen is the Rayen Citadel. It is located on top of a hill on the southwest of the present Rayen. Rayen Citadel is being visited by thousands of domestic and foreign tourists and with an area of over 22000 m2, it is the second adobe building in the world after Bam Citadel. Other historic and beautiful monuments of Rayen are the House of Mohammad Khan Mir Hosseini, the House of Lotf-Ali Khan daughter, and the House of Zeynol'abedin Khan Mir Hosseini.

Emamzadehs and blessed monuments of this city include Emamzadeh Shir-e Khoda, Emamzadeh Seyed Ali and Emamzadeh Zeyd. Of other attractions of Rayen are its old trees. Next to Jama' Mosque of Rayen, there are very tall plane trees of over a thousand year old. In addition, the 4-hundred cedar of Rayen is located on Taleghani Street, opposite to the mausoleum of Emamzadeh Zeyd. In addition, one of the attractions of Rayen that catches every visitor's eyes is Aflatoon Boulevard that is adorned with many trees. Metal crafts are the major common crafts in Rayen. Some artifacts of Rayen blacksmiths are the banners made for Imam Hussain Rituals, locks, scissors, weapons, swords, daggers, nippers, sickles, cleavers, and pincers. Carpet weaving is common in Rayen too.

Rayen has a moderate alpine climate with cold winter and cool summer. There are natural resorts like Hazar Mount, the villages in its skirts, Rayen Waterfall, Takht-e Soleyman Mountain Range and Cliff as well as Oversal Village in Rayen. Haraz Mount is the highest peak in the south of Iran. Villages in Haraz skirts with pleasant climate invite many visitors in the spring and summer. The highest residential village of Iran is Ardikan Village with a height of over 3300 m in Hazar Mount. Takht-e Soleyman Cliff is a flat cliff located in Takht-e Soleyman Mountain Range. Takht-e Soleyman Mountain Range is a good place for rock climbing. Oversal Village is located in the skirts of a low mountain range called Band-e Oversal.



Rayen is a city in Kerman Province, Iran.
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