Tomb of Khwaju Kermani
Photo by Mina Evazzadeh

About Tomb of Khwaju Kermani

Tomb of Khwaju Kermani is located on the north of Shiraz, on the hillside of Sabooy mount in Allah-o Akbar Gorge. Born in 679 A.H., Khwaju Kermani is one of the great poets of Shiraz. His works are classified into two categories: divans and mathnavis. He has two divans namely Sanaye'-ul-Kamal and Badaye'-ul-Jamal and five mathnavis namely, Homay and Homayoon, Gol-o Nowrooz, Kamal Nameh, Rwozat-ul- Anwar and Gowhar Nameh. His mausoleum overlooks the Qu'an Gate and the water from famous spring of Rokn Abad passes beside it. This tomb which is located in an unroofed area was built in 1937. Slightly above the tomb, there are three caves one of which has been the place of worship and austerity of ascetics and elders. Khwaju Kermani has also prayed there for a while. Tomb of Khwaju Kermani has been registered as a national monument of Iran.




Shiraz is the fifth most populous city of Iran and the capital of Fars Province. It has a moderate climate and is regarded as one of the oldest cities of ancient Persia.
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