About Imam Mosque

Imam Mosque is located in Borujerd, alongside the Rasteh Bazaar. With an area of over 7000 m2, this mosque is the largest historic mosque in the west of Iran that is constructed during Fath-Ali Shah Qajar on the ruins of a very old mosque. In terms of architecture, this is a four-porch mosque the plan of which is similar to the plan of Imam Mosque in Tehran and An-Nabi Mosque in Qazvin. However, it is larger and older. Imam Mosque entails various sections the major of which are dome house, several Shabistans including the new west shabistan, which is constructed as the Musalla of Borujerd with two floors and there are chambers around the courtyard of the mosque where seminary students live and study. Imam Mosque has three entrances and a large courtyard in the middle of which there is a big pond.