About Tomb of Poets

Tomb of Poets is one of the old cemeteries of Tabriz located in Sorkhab neighborhood. Since many great poets and mystics are buried in this cemetery, a monument is constructed there that is currently regarded as the symbol of poets and one of the symbols of Tabriz. Over 400 poets, mystics and nominal figures of Iran and surrounding nations have been buried in this cemetery from 800 years ago one after another, from Asadi Toosi to Shahryar. Of the most popular figures buried in this tomb are:

  • Asadi Toosi
  • Khaqani Sherwani
  • Zulfiqar Sherwani
  • Seyyed Muhammad-Hussein Shahryar
  • Aziz Khan Makri
  • Shahpoor Neyshaboori
  • Shakibi Tabrizi
  • Shamsuddin Sajasi
  • Zahir Faryabi
  • Ghatran Tabrizi
  • Lesani Shirazi
  • Mani Shirazi
  • Mojiruddin Bilghani
  • Maghrebi Tabrizi
  • Homam Tabrizi





Tabriz is capital of East Azerbaijan Province. The city enjoys mild and fine climate in spring, dry and semi-hot in summer, humid and rainy in autumn and snowy cold in winter.
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