About Tomb of Kamal-ol-Molk

Mohammad Ghaffari, known as Kamal-ol-Molk (1224-1319 A.H.), is the prominent contemporary painter. He was born in one of the artist and prominent families in Kashan. After finishing elementary education in his hometown, he moved to Tehran with his elder brother and continued his study in painting in Dar ul-Funun School. After three years of his study, when Naser al-Din Shah was visiting Dar ul-Funun School, he liked Kamal-ol-Molk works and summoned him to his court. After being at the court, he was first awarded the title of Khan, and then the Special Servant. Within a while, he was called Naghash Bashi and then Kamal-ol-Molk. During his living in the court, he painted 170 pictures the most famous of which is Talar-e Ayneh (the Mirror Hall). Tomb of Kamal-ol-Molk is located in Nishapur on Erfan Street.



Nishapur is a city in Khorasan Razavi Province, capital of the Nishapur County and former capital of Khorasan Province, in northeastern Iran, situated in a fertile plain at the foot of the Binalud Mountains.
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