About Dehdashti Mansion

Dehdashti Mansion belongs to Qajar Era and it is located in Kooti neighborhood, Bushehr. This building was constructed by Haj Gholam Hossein Dehdashti, the oil merchant, and therefore, it is known as Dehdashti Mansion. Dehdashti Mansion has four floors and it is of special importance in terms of architecture. Very beautiful adornments are employed inside the rooms and in the construction of doors and windows including beautiful plasterwork and sash windows. The ceiling of guest room in this building is oil painted that is inspired by European painting. The main materials used in this mansion are plaster, lime, coral rocks, teak and sandalwood. Dehdashti Mansion has had residential and commercial use. Many commercial documents are found in this mansion that are classified and kept in the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization. Some of these documents are written in siyaq script and the antiquity of some of the stamps of these documents dates back to 200 years ago. In addition to Iranian stamps of Qajar Era, these stamps include stamps from Germany, Britain and India.



Bushehr is the capital city of Bushehr Province. Bushehr lies in a vast plain running along the coastal region on the Persian Gulf coast of southwestern Iran.
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