About Tang-e Bostanak Protected Area

Tang-e Bostanak Protected Area, known as the Lost Paradise, is a breezy and prosperous region in Marvdasht County with an area of 15,324 hectares. This protected area is mostly mountainous the access course of which passes among Beyza' and Kam Firooz villages as well as gardens and farms. The landscape of Dorood Zan Dam Reservoir, dense acorn forests and the architecture of the villages in this area along the vast and prosperous farms are very eye-catching to the entrance of Tang-e Bostanak.  On the entrance of Tang-e Bostanak, a beautiful river continues to the waterfall of Tang-e Bostanak. At this waterfall, there are dense plane trees in a somewhat narrow gorge that depict a great landscape.



Marvdasht is as ancient as the history of Iran and the Persian empire. Its former capital Persepolis is in the vicinity of the city, and few kilometers farther Naqsh-e-Rostam, Naqsh-e Rajab and the ruins of the ancient city of Estakhr are reminiscent of the region's importance in historic times.
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