About Tomb of Khwaja Nizam ul-Mulk Tusi

Khwaja Nizam ul-Mulk Tusi, originally known as Abu Ali Hasan Ibn Ali Ibn Isaac, was the mighty secretary of two Seljuk kings and the most powerful minister in Seljuk Era. He was the main supervisor of internal and external affairs in Seljuk dynasty for twenty five years and the Seljuk reached their peak strength during his time.

Tomb of Khwaja Nizam ul-Mulk Tusi is located in Nizam ul-Mulk lane, Ahmadabad district, Isfahan. This small and simple structure is a Seljuk monument and there are almost ten graves from kings and ministers of Seljuk dynasty. There are exquisite marble stones on each grave and there is also beautiful and incredible marble stone on Tomb of Khwaja Nizam ul-Mulk Tusi. Its margin is adorned with Ayat al-Kursi (the Throne Verse of Quran) and other beautiful inscriptions. Tomb of Khwaja Nizam ul-Mulk Tusi is registered as a national monument in Iran.




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