About Sanandaj Museum

Sanandaj Museum is located in the center of Sanandaj, in Imam Khomeini Street, in Salar Sa'id Mansion. This is an Archaeological Museum where objects of various era from pre-history to Qajar Era are kept. In the pre-historic section, a collection of pottery is kept most of which are discovered in Kurdistan, especially in Baneh and some of these potteries are related to Kangavar in Kermanshah.

Objects of historical period encompass the major objects of this museum the most important of which are objects discovered in Ziwiyeh Hill. The objects discovered in Ziwiyeh Hill include golden objects like several women's jewelry, potteries including various pottery containers in gray, red and beige, bronze objects including types of axes, funeral pins, sewing needles and rings, objects made of bone and ivory including arrowhead as well as pieces showing pictures of hunting, battle, mythological motifs, rosette flowers, and geometrical motifs, and stone objects like spindle head, rings and nuts.

In addition to the objects discovered in Ziwiyeh Hill, a collection of other metal and pottery objects including various types of bayonet, dagger, various rings, small statues and pottery containers with various motifs and sometimes with carved or drawn motifs in red, gray and beige, as well as glassware like assorted bowls and scent bottle are kept in the historical period section the exact location of which is not clear. Another part of historical period objects are pottery crocks also known as funeral crocks. The last objects of this section are those obtained from excavations of Karaftu Cave and are comparable to the objects discovered from Ziwiyeh Hill in some cases.

The objects of Islamic Era are divided into pottery and metal objects. In the pottery section, elegant objects of pottery art by artisans of Islamic Era are kept. These objects include decanters, bowls, tuns, plates, statues, and rhyton that are manufactured professionally and adorned with enamel, motifs and lines. In the metal objects section, there are various types of bowls, copper bowls, decanter, trays, wash-tub, pots and various types of tallow-burner. In addition to mentioned parts and their objects, several petroglyphs including inscriptions and tombstones are kept in the outdoor space of this museum. In addition, Sanandaj Museum encompasses an exhibition located in the cellar of mansion or the so-called springhouse and its objects are replaced according to the plans of museum.




Sanandaj is the capital Kurdistan Province at Iran. The economy of Sanandaj is based upon the production of carpets, processed hides and skins, milled rice, refined sugar, woodworking, cotton weaving, metalware and cutlery.
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