About Mandegar Gelim

Persian hand-woven rugs and kilims are often very valuable so much so that they are preserved carefully. But eventually, they will be damaged over time. Some of them are too antiquated to be repaired, still so beautiful that we can’t discard them or put them aside. Mandegar uses these beautiful unrepairable rugs on clay pots, bowls, mirror frames, etc.

The name Mandegar means long-lasting in Farsi (Persian). The main idea is to preserve antique rugs and to prolong and extend their existence in everyone’s houses.

Carpet fragments join clay or wood, with hot glue, and hemp thread fills empty spaces. In order to clean them, use a vacuum cleaner. If they need to be washed, use a piece of plain net fabric and liquid handwash with a little water. Don’t wash them frequently and keep them away from heat.