Natural Parks of Zanjan

Goljik Cave

Goljik Cave is located 35 km to the southwest of Zanjan in the heights overlooking Goljic Village.
See Goljik Cave

Shar Shar Waterfall

Shar Shar Waterfall is located on Taham Region, on the northwest of Zanjan.
See Shar Shar Waterfall

Sorkhabad Protected Area

Sorkhabad Protected Area is located 18 kh to the southeast of Zanjan.
See Sorkhabad Protected Area

Taham Dam

Taham Dam is located 15 km to the northwest of Zanjan.
See Taham Dam


Zanjan Province

Zanjan Province

Zanjan province is located in Iranian Azerbaijan. Zanjan has a highland climate characterized by cold snowy weather in the mountains and moderate climate in the plains in wintertime. In the summers, the weather is warm.
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