About Bazaar of Borujerd

Bazaar of Borujerd, which is known as Rasa meaning Rasteh Bazaar among the local residents, is constructed in Qajar Period and it is the major traditional trade center in Borujerd. Of historical structure of the Bazaar of Borujerd, only some Rasteh and commercial chambers have remained. However, various careers and professions are still alive in the Bazaar of Borujerd and it has maintained its traditional function. Despite changes in people's lifestyle, many traditional professions can still be found in the Bazaar of Borujerd and manufacturing traditional products including Giveh, socks, thread, rope, copper utensils and traditional textures are common. The Bazaar of Borujerd entails Rasteh Bazaar, inns and ancillary buildings like mosque and bathhouse. Rasteh Bazaar is mainly assigned to special careers and they are known as these professions, including the Coppersmith Bazaar, the Jewelers Bazaar and Blacksmiths Bazaar. Of old inns of Borujerd Bazaar are Hafezi Inn, Gheysariyeh Inn, Vahdati Inn and Niknejad Inn, some of which, including Hafezi Inn are valuable due to their architecture.