Historic Places of Borujerd

Bazaar of Borujerd

Bazaar of Borujerd, which is known as Rasa meaning Rasteh Bazaar among the local residents, is constructed in Qajar Period and it is the major traditional trade center in Borujerd.
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Oshtorinan Bathhouse

Oshtorinan Bathhouse belongs to Qajar Era and it is located in Borujerd County, in Oshtorinan City, in the neighborhood of Goodarziha.
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Qal'eh Hatam Bridge

Qal'eh Hatam Bridge

Qal'eh Hatam Bridge was built in early Qajar Period on the northwest of Borujerd near Qal'eh Hatam Village the length of which is 261m, with a width of 2.50m and 14 arch springs.
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Lorestan Province

Lorestan Province

Lorestan province is a province of western Iran in the Zagros Mountains. The climate is generally sub-humid continental with winter precipitation, a lot of which falls as snow.
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