About Qal'eh Hatam Bridge

Qal'eh Hatam Bridge was built in early Qajar Period on the northwest of Borujerd near Qal'eh Hatam Village the length of which is 261 m, with a width of 2.50 m and 14 arch springs. The material used in the construction of the bridge arch is brick and in other sections stones with lime mortar are used. The pillars of this bridge have triangular dike opposite to the river flow and oval on other sides. On the overpass of the bridge, a gutter is constructed that transfers water from springs of nearby hills to Qal'eh Hatam Village and today, many sections of this gutter have still remained. Therefore, Qal'eh Hatam Bridge is one of the eye-catching samples that in addition to connecting two sides of the river, it transfers water from one side of the river to the other side. Qal'eh Hatam Bridge has been registered as a national monument of Iran.