Historic Places of Hamadan

Abshineh Bridge

Abshineh Bridge is a monument of Safavid Period located in 5 kilometers from southeast of Hamadan on Ghare-Chay river near Abshineh village.
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Alavian Dome

Alavian Dome is located in chahar bagh alavian, near Imamzadeh Abdullah in Hamadan.
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Bazaar of Hamadan

Bazaar of Hamadan like most old bazaars in Iran, is roofed with Islamic architecture.
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Ganjnameh is a place where there are stone inscriptions from the Great Darius and the Achaemenid Xerxes period, which is carved in the heart of one of the cliffs of mount Alvand in 5 km west of Hamadan.
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Ghorban Tower

Ghorban Tower is one of the historical monuments of 7th or 7th centuries AD that is the tomb of Sheikh ul-Islam Hassan Ibn Attar Hafiz Abul Alla' Hamadani and several Seljuk commanders.
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Hegmataneh Hill

Hegmataneh Hill

Hegmataneh Hill is one of the historical hills of Hamadan.
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Hossein Khani Caravanserai

Hossein Khani Caravanserai belongs to Qajar Period and is located in Hamadan, on the north part of Hamadan Bazaar.
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Imam Khomeini Square

Imam Khomeini Square is the central square in Hamadan.
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Mirza Kazem Caravanserai

Mirza Kazem Caravanserai belongs to Qajar Period.
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Mosalla Hill

Mosalla Hill is one of the historical hills in Hamadan.
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Naraghi House

Naraghi House is located in Hamadan, on Abbas Abad Street.
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Parsiavashan House

Parsiavashan House is located in Hamadan, on Nazar Beyg Street, Jowlan Neighborhood.
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Qal'eh Bathhouse

Qal'eh Bathhouse is one of the most beautiful public bathhouses of Hamadan with Islamic-Iranian architecture.
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Safar Khani Caravanserai

Safar Khani Caravanserai belongs to Qajar Period and is located in Hamadan, Felestin Baazar, on the northeast of Now Caravanserai.
See Safar Khani Caravanserai

Sharifiyeh Caravanserai

Sharifiyeh Caravanserai belongs to Qajar Period and is located in Hamadan Bazaar, on the row of Nokhod Beriz-ha and Halabi Saz-ha.
See Sharifiyeh Caravanserai


Hamadan Province

Hamadan Province

Hamedan province lies in an elevated region, with the 'Alvand' mountains, running from the north west to the south west. Hamedan Province enjoys temperate warm summers and relatively cold winters.
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